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Charlie Sheen Fan Club

~The God Of Rape~

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Charlie Sheen says "Rape is fine by me".

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Charlie Sheen in recent interviews has proclaimed he is "pro-rape", and has even admitted to indulging in quite a few "non-consensual sex acts" in the past.

"When I was a young lad, around the age of twenty three, some friends and I would go out cruising the town looking for women to gang-rape.
We would get hopped up on PCP, and thats the only thing we could think about.

Taking some whore by force.

One night, we found this hot little number outside a bar in down town Minnesota. She was already wasted, and when we asked her if she needed a ride, she was more then happy to hop in the car with a bunch of studs such as ourselves.
I think she thought we were going to go out for some more partying, hit a few more bars.

Oh boy did she have another thing coming.

Once she was in the car, my friend J---- punched her hard against the cheek, and started ripping off her clothes.
We took her out to this old, run down mill on the outskirts of town, and took turns giving it to her... hard..

She fucking loved it.

saint_ama. _001. bastard_saint.

their word is law.

Praise Charlie Sheen! A FUCKING FORCE OF NATURE!!

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